Tips for comfortably working from home :: An interview on eightWest

Tips for comfortably working from home :: An interview on eightWest

People are feeling a lot of anxiety and stress right now and being at home more than usual can take a physical toll on our bodies because in general, we’re moving around less.  It’s especially difficult for those who are working from home, as makeshift workstations aren’t always the most ergonomically correct solutions. Gina Otterbein, Regional Director at Ivy Rehab in West Michigan, chatted with the WOOD-TV eightWest studios and shared her tips for reducing aches and pain through exercise and stretching.

As people find themselves spending hours on end at makeshift workstations, whether on their couch or at their kitchen table, they often begin to experience back and neck pain or discomfort in their wrists and shoulders. These uncomfortable positions can also lead to slouching, which leads to even more pain. In addition to working at home, we’re simply not getting out and moving around as much as we previously were. This can lead to more of a sedentary lifestyle that can ultimately drain our energy levels.

Whether you’re working from home or simply feeling cabin fever, Gina points out that it’s crucial to get up and move. She recommends setting an alarm to do something active every hour, even if it’s just for a few minutes. Go take a walk, climb the stairs, or do stretches. You can even involve your children if they’re home with you.

It’s important to remember that a stronger and healthier body leads to a better immune system and can help ease anxiety and stress levels. If you’re experiencing aches and pains and need some help, physical therapy is considered essential so we are open and seeing patients, but we’re also offering Telehealth appointments so you don’t have to leave home. Plus, some insurance companies have expanded coverage on Telehealth appointments for physical therapy during COVID. Get more information on Telehealth, and schedule an appointment here.

Tips for Working From Home