Vestibular Specialization Program at Ivy Rehab

Vestibular Specialization Program at Ivy Rehab

Dizziness is the leading cause of why people over 65 seek out medical attention, and this population is largely underserved by the physical therapy profession. Here at Ivy Rehab, we are proud to promote vestibular expertise among our therapists. Vestibular Therapy is a high-demand therapy program, and having vestibular specialists in our clinics helps to bolster our capabilities in specialty services while enhancing quality care within our communities. 

Vestibular Specialization Program

Ivy’s Vestibular Specialization Program (VSP) kicked off last year with a total of 18 clinicians soon to graduate from our 2022 class. The feedback from this program has been very positive, and we are thrilled to promote growth in this specialty practice area. 

The program is a 12-month guided curriculum focused on Vestibular evaluation, treatment progressions and evidence-based practice, and is designed for all levels of experience.

VSP aims to prepare clinicians to take the Duke University Vestibular week-long certification and build the clinic’s vestibular, gait, and balance population. We are proud to announce that we have a 100% pass rate for our clinicians who sat for the test in April 2022. 

The 12-month program consists of online courses, guided self-study text, monthly presentations on team meetings, live weekend intensive courses, and literature reviews. Our vestibular clinicians have new state-of-the-art video Frenzel goggles for evaluation and are guided in marketing and building their practices.  

We are so excited for our next class to begin on September 7, 2022. The ability to continue to grow our Vestibular Therapy specialization across our network will surely help Ivy Rehab continue to be a top leader in the patient care experience. If you are interested in this program, visit our careers page and consider joining Ivy Rehab.



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