Same Caring Team, Now Ivy Rehab for Kids

Same Caring Team, Now Ivy Rehab for Kids

“Our team is thrilled to be joining Ivy Rehab for Kids! We share the same core values that we’ve always lived by, but the additional support they provide for our team members and families will tremendously enhance the quality of care we can provide moving forward.” – Julie Ross, Regional Pediatrics Director in Virginia

This summer, we celebrated a monumental milestone when we partnered with the Theraplay Family of Companies to become the nation’s largest outpatient pediatric rehabilitation provider. Today we’re proud to announce that Theraplay, The Children’s Therapy Center, and Fleming Therapy Services will officially become Ivy Rehab for Kids.

Teams had a chance to connect and collaborate at our New Partnership Summit

When partnering with other organizations, we’re looking for clinics that are exceptionally good at providing personalized care for children and their families, and this group of providers is at the top of their game. Theraplay has been serving families for over three decades, which is long enough to see second-generation families come in for care. In 2017, Theraplay partnered with The Children’s Therapy Center, and in 2018 they partnered with Fleming Therapy Services as well. Along with Positive Steps Therapy, located in Western Pennsylvania, these companies provide pediatric therapy and early intervention services to countless patients throughout Pennsylvania, Delaware, New Jersey, and Virginia.

Expect the same service you’ve come to know and trust

Now when families step into the clinics, they may notice that things look different, but parents and kids alike can expect the same phenomenal services they’ve come to trust over the years. Aside from the name change, this new partnership will provide exciting benefits to clinicians and patients through advanced educational opportunities, expanded leadership roles for teammates, and more specialized treatment methods for patients.

Ivy Rehab for Kids

“Being a part of the biggest pediatric outpatient provider in the country will open so many doors for our team,” explains Courtney Klinger, Regional Director of Philadelphia and Delaware Pediatrics. “As part of Ivy Rehab for Kids, our team members will have more resources and knowledge at their fingertips, allowing them to grow their clinical skills and give back to our families. I’m very excited to be surrounded by amazing team members doing amazing things to help our kids!”

With a mission to enable children and adolescents to achieve their goals through functional, play-based therapy, the newly branded Ivy Rehab for Kids clinics will provide physical, occupational, speech, and feeding therapy services, along with concussion rehabilitation and early intervention to help improve the lives of thousands of children.

“We’re looking forward to continuing to provide high-quality early intervention services to our families in their natural environment, only now we’ll be doing it under a different name,” said Lisa Vitelli, Director of Early Intervention. “Ivy Rehab has a reputation for providing excellent patient care, and we’ve really felt that to be true since coming on board. It’s a privilege to continue to pass that care along to every child and family we serve.” 

About Ivy Rehab for Kids

Ivy Rehab for Kids has locations throughout seven states. We specialize in treating patients from birth to adulthood by providing timely, individualized therapy services in a caring environment through the personalized attention of a committed staff. Specialty services include pediatric physical therapy, occupational therapy, and speech therapy in a caring environment with one-on-one attention. Click to learn more or find a location near you.

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