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Preparing Oncology Rehab Specialists to Lead Cancer Recovery in our Communities

Ivy Rehab is investing time, research, and resources into programs and education for the fastest growing chronic condition in America – the cancer survivor. With an estimated 18 million cancer survivors in the United States, and only 1 – 2% receiving the rehabilitation services they need, millions of people are living with the side effects of cancer treatment or cancer itself unnecessarily.

Common side effects of cancer treatment that rehabilitation experts can positively impact include:

  • Cancer-related fatigue
  • Chemotherapy-induced peripheral neuropathy
  • High risk for falls
  • Chemotherapy-induced cognitive impairment
  • Loss of range of motion and function
  • Weakness
  • Cardiotoxicity and activity intolerance from chemotherapy
  • Radiation-induced fibrosis

Ivy Rehab’s Oncology Residency Program

Learning how to evaluate and treat all of these unique rehabilitation treatment areas and more is a part of Ivy’s innovation Oncology Residency program. This is a one-year, intensive study and mentorship program designed to successfully prepare the Physical Therapist for board certification as an Oncology Rehab Specialist and Advanced Proficiency as an Oncology Physical Therapist Assistant. Occupational Therapists are also encouraged to apply.

The residency program follows an educational hybrid model that includes:

  • Virtual, self-paced educational modules
  • Synchronous lectures
  • CEU programs
  • An interactive journal club
  • Case reviews
  • Guest speakers on a wide range of topics

Leaders in oncology rehab participate in virtual and live mentorship hours, as well as adjunct lectures to supplement the program. Weekend intensive learning is included for breast cancer manual therapy, lymphedema training, and interdisciplinary topics, for a total of three in-person sessions throughout the year.

Each resident will also have the opportunity to become certified as a lymphedema specialist throughout the residency. Additionally, the detailed, evidence-based case report, which is required for application for the Oncology Rehab Board Certification examination through the ABPTS, is also a part of the last five months of the program, with assistance in creating content with peer, mentor, and clinical expert support.

Lodging and travel expenses for these experiences and weekend intensives are included in the total program costs. Residents may use up to two years of continuing education funding towards their tuition. Any required education during work hours is paid, and Ivy teammates continue to work and earn full-time wages. The time commitment during the week is expected to be between 4 – 5 hours outside of work.

Ivy’s Oncology Residency Program aims to prepare the Oncology Rehab specialists we need to lead cancer recovery in our communities. For more information, contact holly.lookabaughdeur@ivyrehab.com, Director of Oncology Residency and Clinical Services at Ivy Rehab.

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