Ivy Rehab Announces Partnership with Northern Physical Therapy in Western Michigan

Ivy Rehab Announces Partnership with Northern Physical Therapy in Western Michigan

Ivy Rehab is excited to announce its partnership with Northern Physical Therapy in Western Michigan. The partnership represents Ivy Rehab’s entry into the state of Michigan and expands upon its existing footprint in the Northeast and Midwest.

Northern Physical Therapy offers a wide array of services including physical therapy, occupational therapy, corporate wellness, fitness programs, and sports rehab. Helping others, educating community members, and mentoring a team led Gina Otterbein and Janis Kemper to purchase Northern Physical Therapy in 2003. At the time the company was 10 years old and over the past 14 years, Gina and Janis have grown the business into seven physical therapy clinics.

“We’ve always focused on providing our clients the best experience and highest quality of care, with options that are close to home,” explains Kemper. “This partnership is the next step for us because we’ll have access to new technology and even more programs and treatment options.”

As the new partnership evolves, management support will be handled by Ivy Rehab, but a number of things will remain the same.

“Clients can expect the same quality of service they’ve come to know from Northern,” said Otterbein. “We’re maintaining the Northern name along with the same leadership, experience, and team members that clients have come to know and trust. We’ll also continue to offer health and wellness services such as fitness classes and personal training. And, we remain happily committed to supporting and being involved in our local communities.”

“Gina Otterbein and Janis Kemper have done an amazing job of building Northern Physical Therapy over the past 14 years,” said Michael Rucker, CEO of Ivy Rehab. “The values that Northern Physical Therapy was built upon aligning perfectly with our vision. We couldn’t be more thrilled to welcome a group of people that share our unwavering commitment to patient experience into the Ivy Rehab family.”

To learn more about Northern Physical Therapy and its clinics in Western Michigan, click here.

About Ivy Rehab

Founded in 2003, Ivy Rehab is a rapidly growing network of over 80 clinics throughout the Midwest and the East Coast. Ivy Rehab provides the best in class physical and occupational therapy services and has been rated as the number one outpatient facility in the U.S. by a nationally-recognized, independent surveyor of patient satisfaction. With backing from leading middle-market private equity firm Waud Capital Partners, Ivy Rehab will continue to grow and further expand its U.S. footprint.

To learn more about Northern Physical Therapy, and their locations in Western Michigan, visit: www.ivyrehab.com/npt.
For additional information on WCP, please visit www.waudcapital.com.

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