Ivy Rehab Announces its Partnership with Faulkner Physical Therapy Group, Inc.

Wallingford, CT October 1, 2015– Ivy Rehab Network, Inc. announced its partnership with Faulkner Physical Therapy Group, Inc, located within Wallingford, CT. They will officially join the Ivy Rehab Network as of October 1, 2015.

“Since 1971, when I first opened the doors of Faulkner Physical Therapy, we were dedicated to the goal of helping each patient achieve their highest level of personal performance at home, school and work while providing essential guidance for the continuing wellness and the prevention of future injuries. In every instance, we’ve conducted ourselves in a professional, genuinely friendly, and respectful manner in person, or on the phone to every individual,” said Joan C. Faulkner RPT, owner and founder of Faulkner Physical Therapy Group, Inc. “Human values are our cornerstone, so when we were offered to join Ivy Rehab, at first we were hesitant and tread carefully – so we did research. We were thrilled to find Ivy Rehab believed and followed our core principals and built their practice on the cornerstone of Human values as well. We couldn’t be more pleased or delighted to partner with another healthcare company with such outstanding medical and moral values!”

With the partnership of Faulkner Physical Therapy Group, Inc the Ivy Rehab Network will now comprise of 34 clinics across the states of New Jersey, New York, and Connecticut.

“We’re always scouring for quality practices to partner with and when we observed Faulkner Physical Therapy Group’s exceptional service and overwhelmingly pleasant atmosphere, we knew immediately Faulkner PT was the type of practice we needed to be connected with. I believe I speak on behalf of everyone at Ivy Rehab saying we are ecstatic to have Joan Faulkner RPT and Deborah Faulkner Crowell RPT and their quality team join us. Our mantra has always been, ‘It’s all about the people,’ and we’re blessed to begin this venture with Faulkner PT, a company who’s staff will effortlessly continue, and maintain, our standards as an Avatar International 5 Star Service Provider and award-winning company for ‘Exceeding Patient Expectations’. I believe with this partnership begins a new chapter for Ivy Rehab; one that will surpass beyond even my expectations as we continue our expansion into the tri-state area,” stated Ivy Rehab’s Founder and CEO, Michael Neuscheler.

About Ivy Rehab

Founded in 2003 by Michael Neuscheler and Michael Sportini, IvyRehab is a rapidly, growing provider of outpatient physical therapy services in the tri-state area. With over a decade in the business, the company’s success and longevity can be attributed to its guiding principle: to create a top-quality, unrivaled treatment experience catered to the individual. Using this ideal as the company’s foundation has led Ivy Rehab to be featured by Rehab Management Magazine’s ‘Best of Rehab Facility’ for the years of 2011, 2012, and 2013, being awarded for ‘5 Star Service’ and ‘Exceeding Patient Expectations’ from Avatar International, as well as ranking nationally in the top 5% of ‘Outpatient Healthcare Facilities’ by Avatar. They are also currently positioned on the Inc. 5000 ‘List of America’s Fastest-Growing Private Companies’. For additional information, please visit: www.ivyrehab.com

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