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Ivy Insider: Spotlight on Cody Blue, Area Director

When team members are encouraged to grow, they see the benefits within their own careers as well as their personal lives. The ceiling gets raised, and in return, we help to foster a mindset that knows no bounds.

When Cody Blue began his career with Ivy Rehab in 2016, he was a Staff Physical Therapist Assistant. Still, he had the desire to grow professionally, and we immediately saw the potential and passion he had for his field. His path led him to Clinic Director and now Area Director, and we’re so pleased to share his journey as we celebrate National Physical Therapy month.

Setting his sights on Clinic Director, Cody began preparing by taking advantage of our GROW (Coaching for Leaders) Program, which he credits to strengthening certain skill sets, like communicating with coworkers more effectively, managing potential difficult conversations, and promoting independence to the staff. He also talked openly with his leadership team about his long-term career intentions, which he says helped tremendously. His Regional Director, Matt Lesniak, mentored him while he transitioned to the new role and later when he took on the daunting task of opening a brand new clinic in Winfield, IN.

Ivy Rehab, Winfield, IN

Cody and his team collected food for the Winfield Food Pantry

“If you want to advance within the Ivy organization, ask your leadership team about taking on more responsibilities and be a go-getter,” explains Cody, who adds, “always know that your voice and input do matter.”

Cody took advantage of numerous opportunities that were presented to him, many of which allowed him to develop trust and strong relationships with local referral sources. He not only put himself out there to grow professionally, but he took advantage of the organizational opportunities that were present as well.

“One thing I’m proud to say about Ivy is that they have a strong commitment to growing and developing leaders, regardless of title or position (PTA, PC, PT, OT, Tech). If you’re a highly motivated individual, there are so many opportunities to further your personal and professional development,” explains Cody.

We’re proud to have Cody representing Ivy Rehab in the physical therapy field. His work, both in and out of the clinic, speaks volumes about his passion for our patients and our line of work.

“With the support of my family and coworkers, I have been able to achieve my goal of becoming a Clinic Director (December, 2019) and Area Director (May, 2022). Now, my future goals include sitting for the CSCS (Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist), and I utilized Ivy’s CSCS Pre Course to help get me prepared.” – Cody Blue, Area Director, Crown Point & Winfield, Indiana



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