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Front Office Excellence (FOX) Program Spotlight: Elana Graves

At Ivy Rehab, we believe that fostering growth is not just a goal but a mindset. That’s why we’re thrilled to highlight our FOX (Front Office Excellence) Program, designed to empower our Patient Coordinators to lead, connect, and advance within our organization. As the first friendly faces you see when walking into our clinics, our Patient Coordinators are essential in creating an exceptional patient experience and delivering outstanding customer service.

The FOX program is a unique 12-week curriculum that targets high-performing Patient Coordinators who embody our core values of growth mindset, team-building, innovation, and community engagement. Those who have graduated from the FOX Program are already positively impacting their clinics and communities.

Recent FOX graduate Elana Graves is a Pediatric Patient Coordinator from our Philadelphia/NJ region. She explains how this experience has impacted her role in the clinic: “The program helped me build on connections with patients and my teammates because I was able to recognize different communication styles within my clinic. It also helped to shape my day in terms of prioritizing and giving tasks to others who may be able to help,” explains Elana.

Ivy Rehab Clinical Excellence

She went on to share her favorite component of the program, which was the 360 Leadership Module. “It reminded me that I can always be learning from whatever position I may be in and that others may be looking to me as a leader as I help to train them,” she said. “The ability to influence people at every level was key to me.”

What makes an ideal FOX candidate?

Lauren Klemowicz, a leader in our FOX program, shared her insights on what makes an excellent contender for the program. “When selecting a candidate, we are looking for high-performing Front Office teammates,” Lauren said. “Ideal candidates are those who have been successful at managing their everyday workflow and are ready to further develop their leadership skills.”

When it came to Elana’s participation in the program, Lauren had nothing but praise. “Elana has made meaningful connections with her patients and their families, as well as with her teammates, which made her a great candidate for the program,” Lauren said. “Elana brought great ideas from her own experience, which elevated the program for everyone involved. She implemented what she was learning into her daily routine and shared her insights with other teammates.”

Developing every facet of the team

Gina Otterbein, our Director of IvyUniversity, shared her thoughts on how the FOX program sets Ivy Rehab apart from other therapy providers in the industry. “The FOX program provides our front office teammates an opportunity to further their personal and professional growth,” she said. “While many companies focus on clinical development, we recognize that investing in every facet of our team is equally important.”

At Ivy Rehab, we’re proud to have such a stellar group of Patient Coordinators who have completed our FOX program. They shine in the clinic and possess a strong desire to continue to advance and grow. The FOX program is just one of the ways we foster a growth mindset and encourage leadership, connection, and advancement within every part of our organization – and it all starts right when you walk in the door.

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