Children's Center for Growth and Development Partners with Ivy Rehab Network
CCGD Joins the Ivy Rehab Network

Children’s Center for Growth and Development Joins the Ivy Rehab Network

Ivy Rehab is proud to announce that the Children’s Center for Growth and Development (CCGD) has joined the Ivy Rehab Network.

“Our goal has always been for the children in our community to receive the highest quality of care,” said Beth and John Economou, founders of CCGD. “We are excited to partner with a company that is also dedicated to the well-being of our youngest patients. We are very proud that CCGD is now a part of the Ivy Rehab Network!”

The mission of CCGD, located in Hartland, Michigan, is to provide highly valued, individualized, research-based therapy services for the children in the surrounding communities. CCGD was conceived out of a desire to build not only a treatment facility for children of many backgrounds and abilities but also a support center for families and their needs, as they strive to provide their children with every opportunity for success.

“Investing in the success of our pediatric programs is a priority, and we are proud to have CCGD partner with us,” said Troy Bage, Ivy’s COO. “Through new partnerships, new clinics, and differentiated service lines, we are excited to evolve and expand the ways in which we serve our pediatric patients.”

“We are proud to be a leader in the pediatric therapy space and it’s important that we continue our commitment to our youngest population through high-quality partnerships,” said Jeremy VanDevender, Chief Development Officer for Ivy. “We are thrilled to partner with the Children’s Center for Growth and Development, and we look forward to serving the patients in Hartland.”

Click here to read more about the location in Hartland, or call 810-991-1211 to request an appointment.

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