• Nonoperative UCL Tear :: An Ivy Rehab Clinician’s Research is Published

    As a former collegiate athlete, physical therapist Ryan Stahl, understands the importance of returning to sports as safely and quickly as possible after an...
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  • Overcoming Intense Sciatica Pain to Run a 100-Mile Race

    The pain shooting down his hip and into his leg was so intense that at times, Tim could barely walk. Daily activities were unbearable...
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  • Abundance of Barrels Holiday Food Drive

    This holiday season our hearts were full, as we worked to fill the tummies of thousands of local community members through our Abundance of...
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  • What is the Best Treatment for Osteoarthritis?

    If you’re experiencing pain, tenderness, and stiffness in the joints you may be wondering if it’s just a minor issue that will resolve on...
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  • Tips on How to Prevent Arthritis

    It is estimated that 20% of Americans over the age of 18 have arthritis in at least one joint. Our bodies are designed with...
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  • Scar Tissue Treatment & Management Tips

    Long after the short term effects of surgery have subsided, many people are left with scar tissue. Scar tissue forms as a mass of...
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  • Helping People Live Their Life to The Fullest Through Physical Therapy

    Lucky, rewarding, impactful…these words were used by our physical therapy team members to describe how they felt about their career path. As we celebrate...
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  • Can Stress Cause Shoulder Pain?

    Learning how to achieve balance in our lives can be a tricky thing to master. When you’re expected to run the household, manage social...
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  • How to Get Rid of a Side Stitch: Running Cramps

    You’re out for a run and the temperature is perfect, your pace is great, you’re on the verge of experiencing that runner’s high when...
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