Athletic Trainers, Orthopedic Surgeons, and Physical Therapists Coming Together

Athletic Trainers, Orthopedic Surgeons, and Physical Therapists Coming Together

This event by the Ivy Rehab team featured Athletic Trainers, Orthopedic Surgeons, and Physical Therapists from the New Jersey area. Continuing Education Units (CEUs) were offered for Athletic Trainers as they learned about shoulder instability from Dr. Jason Saleh and how to prevent sports injuries in overhead throwing athletes from Matt Lesniak.

It’s no secret that sports and other recreational activities can lead to injuries. And when sports injuries happen, entire seasons and future careers are on the line. Preventing injuries and understanding how to treat them properly when they occur is a critical component to getting back in the game.

Athletic Training

The Athletic Training program at Ivy Rehab Physical Therapy can be customized for all ages and athletic levels including youth, high school, college, weekend warriors, and professional athletes. Our trainers help athletes, teams, and other physically active people train properly for sports in order to prevent sports injuries and stop chronic injuries from developing. To learn more about athletic training, click here.

Sports Injury Screenings

Ivy Rehab Physical Therapy’s sports injury screenings are custom-designed for schools, affiliated organizations and individual patients. Sports injury screenings are often paired with functional movement screenings, which are used to evaluate athletes’ movement patterns, functional limitations, and joint stability when in motion.  The ultimate goal of any sports injury program is to help athletes of any age perform to the best of their abilities and to prevent injuries before they happen. Our programs are led by licensed physical therapists and athletic trainers who customize each program specifically for the participants’ goals. When applicable, our team of experts will work with coaching staff to properly train and help implement any of our custom sports injury programs. To learn more about sports injury screenings, click here.

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Athletic Trainers, Orthopedic Surgeons, and Physical Therapists Coming Together

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