What Our Partners Say About Us

What Our Partners Say About Us

As Ivy Rehab continues to grow, we partner with others that share our core values and commitment to an exceptional patient experience. Although the names might be different, we all function as one to make sure each clinic can serve their community in the best way possible.

Joining Ivy Rehab allows us to focus even more on exceptional care for our patients.

We’ve come a long way and are so happy to have taken the next step in our growth with a partner like Ivy Rehab. The ability to share resources allows us to focus even more on the exceptional care and experience that we’re providing our patients. Our patients and staff have felt the impact of this partnership in a very positive way.

Below you’ll find quotes from a few of our partners:

“When looking for a partner to grow the PTW brand with, it was imperative for us to find a group of like minded people to work with to help us create growth opportunities for the people in our organization while still focusing on the number one priority; which was shooting for best in class patient care.  As we worked through the process we were amazed not only at the similarities between the mission statement and values of Ivy and PTW; but more so how everyone within each of our organizations brought these words and phrases to life.  Ivy has helped us grow and develop within every facet of the organization and business; and delivered as the partner we believed they would be both for PTW and the people within our organization.  All, while keeping the focus on the best patient experience as outcome as the primary driving factor.” – Jim, PT, DPT, OCS, CFCE, CSCS, Regional Director, PTW

“The desire to find the perfect partner comes at a emotional cost.  Luckily, finding the Ivy organization was a matrimony of like minded, highly ambitious teams that genuinely enjoy the challenge and journey in the pursuit of excellence. Simply put, the whole is greater than the parts, and in this case, the PTW brand and the Ivy Rehab network have both strengthened.” – Robert, PT, MBA, Regional Director, PTW

The culture at Ivy and the fantastic teammates we have experienced as Ivy Partners has by far surpassed expectations!  Getting to work with dedicated, smart, committed, and energetic people every step of the way makes Ivy a truly special place. It starts with our leadership setting the tone and translates through our teammates who are committed to the Core Values and Best Practices. There is an open invitation to actively contribute to the company’s growth. Seeing the company succeed at growing while staying committed to providing the highest standards of care makes me proud to be a part of Ivy. Being front and center of Ivy’s commitment to #ServeOthers has given me incredible insight to the commitment to values – which is extremely hard to find.” – Joe and Glenn, Partners, Peak Performance

“It was crystal clear…When I decided to look for a partner for our clinic I was fortunate enough to have several interested parties. After a few conversations it was crystal clear that Ivy was the only fit for us. Six months into our partnership I know I made the right decision. Ivy has brought in many resources that a smaller organization does not have the time or expertise to develop. They have maintained our culture yet brought in new programs, a strong infrastructure and a management staff interested in people, success and growth. Ivy has a strong commitment to exceptional patient care and has provided the tools to we need to succeed.” – Michael, Partner, Community Physical Therapy

When I made the decision to start looking for a partner, I looked at the big companies and knew that all I had worked for would quickly be diluted and disappear. With Ivy, I have so much opportunity to share, blend, and grow a culture of excellence, compassionate care, and fun at work. After 38 years of practice (18 in private practice), I KNOW I made the right choice partnering with Ivy. If you’re like me, you started your practice to: 1) make a difference in your community, 2) do things the right way / your way,  3) build an amazing team and place to work, and 4) provide exceptional patient care. Ivy believes in those same core values and wants to enhance them, not strip them away. Now, I can be as engaged as I want to be and lean on a solid framework that proudly supports our incredible team. I know this partnership with Ivy brings with it a fantastic future for our team and the communities we serve. Ivy listens. And they really care. Best decision ever.” – Holly, Partner, Generation Care

From the first meeting with Ivy I knew they were on the same page as I was – patients and people first.  Ivy was 1/3 the size at the time, but I’m proud to say that the entrenched spirit, drive, dedication, and interest in each and every person has only gotten stronger as we’ve grown together.” – Tom, Partner, STAR Physical Therapy

Amazing! We have just celebrated our one year anniversary since joining the Ivy Rehab Network!  From the beginning, we felt Ivy Rehab was the right choice for us to be able to grow our practice and take it to the next level of excellence. They have provided us with essential resources, management expertise and proven operating platforms for success. Our philosophy has always focused on the patient experience which aligns well with Ivy Rehab’s mantra of ‘It’s all about the people.’ We look forward to continued growth and opportunities to strengthen our position in healthcare for years to come.” – Paul & Rich, Partners, Achieve Physical Therapy

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