Ivy Rehab Teams Up with Crutches 4 Kids

Ivy Rehab Teams Up with Crutches 4 Kids

In the spirit of serving others, the Ivy Rehab Network partnered with Crutches 4 Kids, a non-profit that works to bridge the gap between the abundant supply of crutches in the US and the demand elsewhere in the world. Millions of children around the world rely on crutches due to disease, trauma, or poor healthcare, and these crutches are a necessity for them to be able to walk, go to school, and lead a productive life.

“We were excited about the prospect of supporting Crutches 4 Kids. Their mission aligns so closely with ours as healthcare providers, that this partnership made perfect sense. Our team showed up, organized activities in each office, and surpassed our expectations! I’m proud of the leaders who worked hard to make the results of this drive so outstanding,” said Joe Sullivan, Area Director at Ivy Rehab. “Commitment to service makes each Ivy Rehab Network clinic a special place, and watching our teams rally to promote awareness of this wonderful cause was heartwarming. To watch each office do their part, and to see that a little bit from so many can add up to this extent was inspiring. We look forward to continuing our support of this great cause in the future.” 

Throughout the months of August and September, Ivy Rehab Network teammates were creative and came up with fun ways to raise money for the cause at their individual clinics, including pie-in-the-face fundraisers (a crowd favorite!), recyclable bottle collections, beard shaving competitions, and classic bake sales. Their mobility device collection and fundraising efforts will help to liberate and empower children with movement impairments around the world.

Throughout the six-week collection drive and fundraising period, Ivy Rehab Network clinics collected over 800 mobility devices, including crutches, canes, and walkers, and raised over $13,000 dollars to donate directly to Crutches 4 Kids.

“It was amazing to see our team rally around such a worthy cause. The teamwork across our Ivy Rehab sites to collect crutches and other assistive devices, and raise money, far exceeded our expectations,” said Troy Bage, Ivy Rehab’s COO. “Ivy Rehab is honored to partner with Crutches 4 Kids to serve those less fortunate and help them get back to a more active and fulfilling lifestyle.”

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