Ivy Rehab’s Medical Mission in Honduras

Ivy Rehab’s Medical Mission in Honduras

At Ivy Rehab, we’re building a special place for both our patients and our team members. In fact, when it comes to the members of our team, we believe that our personal and professional lives are directly connected. Our entire team shares our core values of Caring, Serving, and Growing. And we’re proud to say we’re committed to giving back to our local and world communities so that we can contribute to making the world a better place.

We recently partnered with the amazing team at One World Surgery, a nonprofit providing safe, timely, and accessible surgical care to communities in need. Ivy Rehab recently sent our first two physical therapists on a One World Surgery medical mission to Tegucigalpa, the capital city of Honduras. As you can see in the video below, they were able to make a big impact providing post-surgical care to many patients throughout the week. They even provided care to patients who underwent surgeries on past missions but didn’t have the access to physical therapy services after the surgery. Overall, the entire team provided 329 consults in the clinic and performed 73 surgeries in the one short week they spent in Honduras.

We’re proud to say that our team here at Ivy Rehab will continue to serve our communities through participation with One World Surgery and in many other ways. For instance, our Northeast Clinical Directors recently participated in a team-building event to give 16 underprivileged kids their very first bike. We hope you’ll consider joining us in our mission to help those in need – both in our local communities and throughout the world.

Check out the video of our Honduras trip here:

Medical Mission : Physical Therapy in Honduras