Ivy Rehab Founders Award

Founder’s Award

Sometimes people go out of their way to make their environment a better place and to lift others up around them. Our Founders Award was created to recognize those individuals – teammates who go above and beyond to exemplify our mission, vision, and values.

Our founder Michael Neuscheler opened the first Ivy Rehab clinic in 2003. He had big dreams and a commitment to providing top-notch care to every patient that walked through the doors. By surrounding himself with people who had the same drive, compassionate mentality, and sense of teamwork, he was able to see his dream flourish. To keep that dream alive, each year we bring together our leadership team, Board of Directors, and Michael Neuschler himself to present a few special teammates with the Founders Award – recognizing their efforts in going above and beyond when it comes to excellent teamwork and patient outcomes. This year we honored the following recipients:


Michael Mozia, PT, Clinic Director, Bloomfield, NJ

Michael lives by the motto “it’s all about the people,” – a principle that he demonstrates with his commitment toward excellence and education. As a graduate of our first Orthopedic Residency Program, Michael passed his OCS test to become an Expert Clinician and consistently helps other clinicians review cutting-edge research in our field. As a clinic director, Michael is an inspiration to everyone he meets, leading others to consistently reach higher.


Beth Brooks, PT, Adrian, MI

Going above and beyond is nothing new for Beth, it’s just part of who she is. Whether it’s providing special treats for in-home patients who have difficulty with transportation, participating in drive-by birthday parades, or connecting struggling families with other organizations and support services within the community to make sure their kids have basic necessities, Beth is there to help. Our littlest patients and their families have come to adore her style of treating and the support system she provides. Our pediatric team is stronger because of Beth.


David Sefton, PT, Area Director, Grand Haven, MI

The global pandemic has created uncertainty for our industry, but David has been a light in the midst of the storm. Known for his remarkable way of lifting others up and providing hope, David has quickly become a sought-after clinic director within our organization. At the heart of his practice is the ability to build strong relationships, with both patients and teammates alike. This is due to his belief that if you take care of your people first, the business will take care of itself. Never one to shy away from an opportunity to help others, David is the epitome of great leadership.


Brittney Sparn, Creative Director

Every successful organization has a creative team working behind the scenes, and in our case, we’re incredibly lucky to have Brittney on our side. By working with nearly every single department, Brittney makes our organization shine with her relentless pursuit to bring our ideas to life. She pushes the limits and works tirelessly to exceed expectations with every single interaction, deliverable, or committee she participates in. Brittney holds our organization to the highest standards, and above all else, she does it all with a smile.


January Junod, Revenue Cycle

It takes a special person to consistently make others feel heard and understood; January is that person. She’s often described as an active listener, gifted in working with others, and possessing a demeanor that’s calm and inviting – all skills that are crucial when working in customer service. January completes our vision of creating an exemplary Patient Experience that extends all the way from treatment to billing, and she’s the ultimate representation of our guiding principle at Ivy Rehab, “it’s all about the people.”

Congratulations to each of this year’s recipients. Our team is stronger because of people like those represented today. We’re so proud to have these individuals on our team!