Impacting the Lives of Refugee Families

Impacting the Lives of Refugee Families

At Ivy Rehab, giving back to our local communities means the world to us. In everything we do, we focus on our brand values: caring, serving, and growing. Our Lake Wylie and Fort Mill clinics in South Carolina recently partnered with Catholic Charities Diocese of Charlotte to help make a difference in the lives of refugee families in need.

About the Organization

Catholic Charities Diocese of Charlotte is an organization that provides direct service and outreach to all of Western North Carolina. This resettlement agency provides basic support to refugee families in need during the first 90 days post arrival, as they build a foundation in their new homeland.

One of the families that the Ivy Rehab team had the opportunity to help had spent over 10 years in a camp before coming to the US. This is common since many of the families live in refugee camps for years. Most of the children that come from these camps are experiencing their very first “home” since moving here.

Meeting the Families

While assisting the organization, Ivy team members had the opportunity to speak with a few of their new refugee neighbors and ask them questions, such as, “what do you like most about the U.S.?”

One of the young children had responded with, “the food.” The Lake Wylie team had assumed she was referring to our fast food franchises, and asked, “you mean McDonalds?”

The young girl replied, “No. Just that there is food. We only had one bowl of porridge a day at the camp.”

Ivy Rehab’s Contributions

Ivy Rehab was able to raise $855 for the organization in addition to numerous books, blankets, candles, lotions, toys, clothes and more. Lori Biggers, Business Manager for the South Carolina clinics said, “it was very fulfilling to help others and welcome them to our community. We are grateful for the time and energy our staff put forth to make this such a successful project.”

In addition to the Ivy Rehab staff making a difference, the patients played a huge role as well. Brittany Roberts, Administrative Assistant for the Ivy Rehab Lake Wylie clinic added, “the most amazing part of the process, for me, was to see the participation of our incredible patients. We had to continuously raise our goal since every time we set one, our patients were quick to help us meet it. Several donated between $50 and $100! Just seeing that our patients share the same compassion for our community as we do is really touching.”

Tammy S. Grayhook, Volunteer Coordinator for Catholic Charity Diocese of Charlotte wrote in a letter to Ivy Rehab: “Together we can create a world that sees the universal humanity in each of us and it is through generous and humble acts of kindness like this that each day we become one step closer to that goal. Thank you for your welcoming spirits and generous hearts. On behalf of the refugee clinics we serve and who are some of our newest neighbors in Charlotte, I extend my deepest thanks.”

Ivy is honored to have been able to give back to their local community through this organization and will continue to help those in need. Through the work of our valued staff and patients, Ivy Rehab will continue to make a positive difference in the lives of others.