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Superhero in Physical Therapy Clinic

Do the Right Thing

We believe in always doing the right thing – that’s why we celebrated Compliance Week in October of 2019. Doing the right thing is critical to our success, and our patient’s success. When we challenged our clinics to submit photos for Compliance Week showing how committed their clinics are to doing the right thing, our teammates didn’t hesitate to show us just how far they’d go to be Compliance heroes. We are always on a mission to do the right thing and defend against the misdeeds of villains perpetrating fraud, waste, and abuse. In the above photo, you’ll find Colleen & David from the Lowell clinic are reporting compliance issues and saving the day! Below are some other heroes from various clinics!

Greene heroes are very compliant and would never let a patients protected info walk through the door!

Denville keep checks and balances on each other to make sure they are being compliant.

Here’s an action shot of one of our Leaps and Bounds Howell superheroes promptly detecting offenses at our clinic.