Cranford Collects Crutches for Those in Need

Cranford Collects Crutches for Those in Need

By Dr. Erica T. Wald PT, DPT, OCS,  Ivy Rehab Physical Therapy, Cranford, New Jersey

Across America, crutches collect dust in closets, garages, and storage spaces. Meanwhile, in low-income countries, crutches are a rare and valuable commodity that millions of children live without. They struggle to do everyday things that we take for granted, like going to school, playing with friends, and getting food and water. Ivy Rehab has teamed by with  Crutches 4 Kids to carry out their goal to reverse this injustice.

Crutches 4 Kids Mission

The mission of Crutches 4 Kids simple—to collect and distribute crutches to help children move. Crutches 4 Kids bridges the gap between the supply and demand of crutches to liberate and empower children with mobility impairments around the world. Being a facility that treats a large pediatric population, the mission of Crutches 4 Kids resonated with Ivy Rehab in Cranford, NJ. In 2018, Ivy Rehab became an official global partner with Crutches 4 Kids, establishing 7 collection sites in the Central NJ region.

In just 6 months, Ivy Rehab Cranford, NJ collected over 250 crutches and assistive devices to donate to Crutches 4 Kids. But we are not finished yet, the crutch donations continue to roll in every day! Crutch donation has become an exciting part of the rehabilitation process for our patients in Cranford, NJ. After surgery or injury, our therapists work diligently with their patients to wean them off of their own crutches. Once our patients no longer need their crutches, they are thrilled to walk independently over to our waiting room and place them in the Crutches 4 Kids donation box.

This is a special moment, especially for me as a Physical Therapist, as I am not only helping to get my patients better and walking independently again but to know those crutches are now going to help a child in need – such a win/win! The collection of crutches in Cranford, NJ has been a wonderful team-building experience, uniting patients, staff, local businesses, and MD offices for a good cause. All crutch donations are even celebrated with a ringing of our office bell! Ivy Rehab Cranford plans to be an ongoing collection site for Crutches 4 Kids and a partner for years to come.