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Work Hard, Play Hard

In the Ivy Rehab Network, we’re all about having fun! Whether in the office or out of it, our teams certainly know how to have a good time. Browse through the posts in this section to take a peek at a few ways we make sure to keep a healthy balance between work and play.

With clinics in multiple states around the country, meeting face-to-face is a really big deal for us. Especially for our leadership team. No matter where they meet, the agenda is always action-packed and never boring. Plus, it’s a great opportunity to settle friendly wagers–like when our CEO, Michael Rucker, had to wear a Baltimore Ravens jersey after they defeated his beloved Buffalo Bills.

Teams that have fun together stick together, right? We like to think so. Just because you’re not out on the town doesn’t mean you can’t have some good ol’ fun while at the office, right? Here are some shots of our teammates having a blast at work.