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Bell Ringing and Celebration

Bell Ringing: Celebrating Little & Big Wins!

Celebrating success is an important part of our culture.

There are so many things that happen at clinics every day that are worth cheering and celebrating. From seeing that first patient in the morning to helping our patients hit that new milestone in their treatment­­­—the bell can be ringing all day! We love to celebrate the big wins, the small wins, and everything in between by ringing the bell in clinics. Down below, you’ll see 20 Reasons why we Ring the Bell!

20 Reasons to Ring the Bell:

  • When a patient is starting their PT journey
  • When a patient is done with their PT journey
  • When a patient is beginning to feel better or seeing improvement
  • When a patient or a teammate is celebrating a birthday
  • When a patient or teammate is celebrating a life event, like getting married, becoming a parent/grandparent, graduating school, anniversary, etc.
  • When a teammate is promoted or moving to a new role
  • When a teammate is obtaining a new certification or completing a course
  • When the clinic first opens in the morning
  • When the clinic is closing in the afternoon
  • When the first patient of the day arrives
  • When the last patient of the day arrives
  • When a patient gives a positive review or feedback online
  • When a provider gives positive feedback
  • When implementing a new program, challenge or tournament
  • When it’s patient appreciation day
  • When it’s the first day for a new teammate
  • When it’s the last day for a teammate
  • When a patient is hitting a landmark in their treatment plan (ie: performing a certain exercise without pain, performing a certain number of reps that they couldn’t do before)
  • Because you love what you do
  • At any point, for any reason—just to celebrate!