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Career Opportunities


When thinking about whether Ivy Rehab could be right for you, you might want to consider the following. At Ivy Rehab, we:

  • Always put our patients first
  • Help you stay on top of your game through industry-leading professional development and true mentorship
  • Pay generously for your hard work and make sure that you feel appreciated
  • Love coming to work every day because of our fun and family-like atmosphere
  • Are committed to providing the best care in the business, bar none
  • Offer accelerated career growth with a strong track record of promoting from within
  • Provide outstanding administrative and operational support so you can focus on taking care of your patients

  • It’s all about the people

    At Ivy Rehab, we’re big believers in recognizing the teammates who make our patients’ experience exceptional from the minute they walk in our doors.

  • Our clinicians never stop learning

    All of our clinicians are dedicated to lifelong learning and professional development. Each therapist at Ivy Rehab is a graduate of an accredited therapy program with multiple clinical affiliations. Each year, all of oru clinicians create a Professional Education Plan (PEP), so an educational framework is a part of the year’s plan. Ivy Rehab has partnerships with Great Lakes Seminars and Evidence in Motion, and many other educational programs. Your plan is individual to YOU. We also offer Ivy Rehab CEU programs – such as vestibular and concussion care, pelvic health, oncology and more. Best of all, if you have an interest and love to teach, we want to support your efforts to serve as faculty in local universities and colleges, as well as within the Ivy Rehab Network family

  • Leadership Excellence & Development Program

    Ivy Rehab’s Leadership Excellence and Development Program (LEAD) is an interactive, cohort-based program focused on providing rising leaders with the tools and experiences essential to leading “The Ivy Way” in support of our mission, vision, and values. The teammates selected for our LEAD Program represent regions across Ivy Rehab and they have a variety of experiences and knowledge they will bring to the table.
  • Clinical Education

    Training the next generation of clinicians is very important to the therapists at Ivy Rehab Network. We are proud to affiliate with 135 academic institutions in across the country offering challenging, interdisciplinary clinical experiences to a diverse group of students. Our commitment to excellence in clinical education is supported by 21 Regional Site Coordinators, and comprehensive student welcome, orientation, and graduation programs. Any clinician who seeks to earn the APTA credential as a certified clinical instructor is very supported.

  • Start and Lead Your Own Practice

    Looking to start your own physical or occupational therapy clinic? Starting your own practice can be a risky and overwhelming experience, even for the savviest clinicians. At Ivy Rehab, we have 17 years of experience – building and growing over 200 best-in-class outpatient rehabilitation clinics nationwide.

  • Advancing Your Clinical Career

    One unique aspect of joining the Ivy Rehab Network is the opportunity to grow in two different career paths: Leadership and Clinical Expertise. The Clinical Career Ladder provides an opportunity for the clinician to become an Advanced or Expert Clinician, earning cash bonus, additional professional development allowance, more paid education days, and professional dues support. Qualifications for moving along the Clinical Career Ladder include achievement of advanced certification, customer satisfaction scores, clinical outcomes, participation in clinical education to students, peers, or the community, and use of online learning resources. Opportunity to advance occurs twice a year, and each step is earned for a 2 – year period. This unique Clinical Career Ladder, combined with Professional Education Plans, helps clinicians move forward towards specialization and diverse clinical interests and expertise

  • HSS and Ivy Rehab Orthopedic Physical Therapy Residency Program

    This intensive, one-year didactic and mentorship-based program was created jointly by HSS and Ivy to contribute to the professional development of clinicians in the field of orthopedic physical therapy. This program utilizes HSS curriculum and follows APTA guidelines. Additionally, the program prepares residents to successfully complete the American Board of Physical Therapy Specialists Orthopedic Certified Specialist (“OCS”) examination to attain board certification that is held by less than 7% of all physical therapists across the United States.

  • Service Opportunities

    Part of our value system is focused on serving others. In partnership with One World Surgery, the Ivy Rehab Network fully supports mission trips to Honduras and the Dominican Republic, as a part of the surgical and primary brigades that provide health services for the underserved. These one-week experiences are financially supported and encouraged throughout the year. Check out for a more detailed looked at past experiences and opportunities. Along with this global commitment, the Ivy Rehab Network culture is deeply embedded with local community service, with company-wide programs such as Crutches 4 Kids and a variety of fundraisers. If you believe in doing good in the world, the Ivy Rehab Network could be the place for you!

Exceptional Growth Opportunities

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