Source Physical Therapy & Wellness

Our Mission

Source PT & Wellness strives to be your Direct Access provider of choice in the treatment and prevention of musculoskeletal conditions. We utilize the highest level of evidence-based Manual Physical Therapy care with an unprecedented level of customer service, all while achieving exceptional PT outcomes. Our rehabilitation approach is designed to incorporate all elements of wellness, to provide complimentary mind and body healing. We have remained true to our mission, which is why physicians and patients across Northern Virginia and the Washington, DC area have trusted us with their care, since 1999.

Our Vision

To make high-level Physical Therapy care, accessible to all.


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How we do it

  • Ease of Access: Direct Access in Virginia allows you to come directly to PT first for an Evaluation. No Referral or Prescription is needed!
  • Affordable: as In-Network insurance providers with all insurances in Northern Virginia, we’ve negotiated reduced costs for you
  • Quality: we remain committed to a (1:1) Patient to Physical Therapist model; we do not utilize PT Technicians
  • Precision: your PT Diagnosis is determined and discussed with you on Day 1
  • Outcomes: attention to detail and data-driven improvements, assure you are on the path to healing
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